About us

Welcome to Yogi - a place for yoga, a space for the soul. The practice of yoga is not a physical therapy and not a mystical ritual. We are trying to convey the importance of breathing and contact with our bodies, the value of regularity in classes, and the need to focus attention on the external hustle and bustle of the inner world.


For each of our yoga teachers, this is about his life. Everyone sounds unique, everyone brings his vision, but the essence remains united. We want you to find harmony and rejoice in life in all its manifestations. Our teachers inspire, support, help understand and feel yoga. Come meet!


We exist to develop yoga in the city we love. Therefore, we regularly hold seminars with well-known masters. Participating in them allows you to look at many things in a new way and gain inspiration for future practice.


In the blog we share thoughts, photos, and new ideas. We are talking about what matters to us. Because YoGi are live people, with their values and emotions.